I amd a new prepaid user, super quick 225 plan, with a lan cable directly coming to my house (no adsl modem) and web based login interface.Server is at my cable guys place.

I have 2 problems :

1) If you are logged in and due to some reason if your connection fails (i.e. u cannot reach the default gateway on pinging) then are you logged out automatically ?
There was a network failure when i was browsing and i could not log out as it gave me a page not found error on clicking logout button. Acc. to those a*****s i was online thru out the day (i.e. my session was active !!!) when in fact i could not even reach the gateway. I am now trying to contact the nodal officer, any tips on this issue will be greatly helpful.

2) If during the night u get disconnected, or yr PC accidentially reboots, then how do you ensure "automatic relogin" to keep your downloads active ? the only way i can think of is to add the login page to scheduled task and allow the page to save username and password. but still how to click on the login link ?

3) What are the contents of Tata indicom start up Kit ? I did not get one, is it really necessary to have it ?

[pardon me if this is repeated somewhere else in this forum, I could not find it]