Dear Members,

I am from Mumbai & have a Metro E lan connection with web based login.

I filed a formal complaint with nodal officer of Mumbai regarding blocking of ports. A gentleman from the call centre called up today saying that "Ports cannot be unblocked for P2P and file sharing applications"

I replied to them saying that I want free ports for my online investing software, Yahoo webcam (i cannot use yahoo webcam , although yahoo messenger connects fine because of blocked ports. Dunno how many of you have faced this problem ?)

They said they will get back to me.

Talking on the legal front, is it our right to ask for unblocking of ports ?

Can a complaint be given to TRAI in this regard, if Tata doesnt agree ? If everybody unites, it could be also in the form of a mass online petition, from all the people facing this problem.

Further, will a static ip solve this problem ?

pls provide your feedback / valuable comments.