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frequent cable cuts issues

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    Thumbs down frequent cable cuts issues

    We have been suffering frequent cable cut issues quite regularly. The reason: Tata Indicom uses trees as poles to string wires across buildings and also to install a DP box /junction box to branch out their connections. It looks familiar?? Yes it is similar to the way the cable guys run their wires.
    As I write this post, the net is down since yesterday because the optic fibre cable going to the Dslam got cut due to a branch of a tree falling on it. Obviously the cable was tied as usual to the tree pole.

    I am attaching photos for all to see. Hope this sends a wakeup call to the concerned persons at Tata Broadband.
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    Oh yes, I've been having quite a trouble with them for several months now. After countless complaint registrations, request for crediting lost time, and direct visits to their local branch office... we got it sorted out somehow.

    I'm from kerala, trivandrum on 2mbps unlimited connection. Well that might had something to do with their prompt action.

    Recently the only downtime comes when their server node looses power.. when will they arrange for a UPS/Power-Backup/Generator for their servers? maybe never, we'll just have to wait and see
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    and I was thinking I am the only one facing such problems very often. I have been using Tata Indicom BB for more than 3 years now. Since, the last 5-6 months I am facing too many problems. Wire cuts, Local Servers Down, Frequent Disconnection, Poor Customer Care .... I even met the nodal officer ... But, No good ...


    Where are you from?
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    There seem to be more of us facing the same problem. We have not had a connection for the past 4 days and they have no answer still - the problem the cable is cut and they are still to replace it. I remember the last time we had this problem, the service engineer said that they requisition for the cable and it takes days for the main office to send them the cable. (I am in Chennai). Pathetic way to putting the cables - no wonder it gets cut by someone else. Pitifully Tata Indicom uses poles that are put up by oter service providers - not their own.

    We do not expect this sort of service from the TATA group. Nodal officer? that is only in name.

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