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Tata speed fluctuation

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    Default Tata speed fluctuation

    am facing a lot of speed fluctuation since the time i have started using tata wimax
    before this i was using airtel 384kbps plan and i used to get constant torrent speeds(with proper port forwarding and settings) of 45-48 kB/s
    now in Tata am gettin speeds of 38-42kB/s and sometimes it falls to 25-30kB/s too..
    i am very close to their tower too..signal strenth is around 25-27 keeps fluctuating
    any ideas on how to solve this issue??

    P.S. i chaned to tata because i had no AIRTEL in amy area..!!!

    what are the download speeds being observed by other users of tata wimax
    here is my result run on - The Global Broadband Speed Test which i think is fine

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    Default tata wimax is no good for torrents

    what you are experiencing is right and i have even worse experience. I rarely get 30+ kB/s speed with normal torrents. Before changing to wimax, with asdl type connection speed was good. 45+ with 384 kbps connection.

    Speed fluctuation is common in wireless internet.

    Tata is not a true boradband by definition due to its policies.

    Its not "unlimited" as adverties and its not "always connected" as you have a web based dialer to connect to internet.

    Beware about false advertisements from Tatas. (not only internet but other products too. They are actually not what they show to you)

    They are old guys who think surfing google and reading mails /newspaper are the true usages of internet, rest everything is a luxury and you should pay high price for that.

    I am still sticking to tata because i am busy in my other important work than following a service provider and its customer care /servicemen.

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    hey which part of hyderabad are u from? i am from banjara there any other internet connection which i can go for??

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    Default Is torrent download the reason for speed fluctation!

    because I dont face problem in other downloads.

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