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    Hi Friends,

    I have "Super Quick 225" plan with Night Unlimited Plan activated.
    i.e. I get 256/4096 kbps with free usage from 9 pm to 9 am.
    As this is a Time based plan,
    My query is

    I have a laptop (NO PC) & ADSL Wireless Router (Huawei)
    Can I connect to Internet dialing from PPPoE connection under Network Connections without having the laptop to be connected via USB or Ethernet?

    I don't want the laptop to be connected with the router.
    I don't want username and password to be configured in the router.

    Is there a way by which I can dial wirelessly?

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    Default Reply to ur issue

    Hi shag_o_mac,
    yes u can use a normal dialer to get connected to the conn wirelessly.if ur aware to the TCP/IP settings (ie.IP/SUBNET MASK/DEFAULT GATEWAY/PREFFERED and ALTERNATE DNS)than u can reset the router with the small switch given on the router and if u dont know the settings than call the call centre and put a service request stating that u want a dialer based conn and not a on and on conn.

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