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How to setup Wireless Router?

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    Default How to setup Wireless Router?

    Hi I have a Tata Indicom Internet connection, it is basically a Time-Based plan where i have also opted for Night Unlimited. I recently purchased a Netgear wireless router(WGR614v9) for setting up WLAN between desktop and laptop.

    Originally, my desktop was directly connected to the ADSL modem provided by Tata(Billion BiPac 5200S modem) via the Ethernet port, and the modem was in bridge mode. So i used to connect to internet using Windows Dialer.

    When i first set up my wireless router, I had to put the modem in PPPoE mode, so that whenever my laptop/desktop is connected to the wireless network, internet access automatically starts. Having a time-based connection, I want to have manual Internet connection option like the Windows dialer. Is there any way for my laptop and desktop to be constantly connected wirelessly, but I can have manual Internet access from both?

    Current Scenario: Laptop and Desktop both connected in WLAN. Internet access cannot be enabled/disabled manually, automatically starts when WLAN is enabled.

    Desired scenario : Laptop and Desktop both connected in WLAN. Internet connection can be enabled/disabled manually and separately from both machines.

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    For all your queries, please read the many guides posted in the Broadband How to section.
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