I took tata indicom wimax 256 unlimited plan in this august 2009.Now i dnt know which antenna thy provided me.I mean the manufacturer name.

Now, My download speed shows good but in utorrent its too bad and the below icon shows red or yellow to indicate that my PORT FORWARDING is not working.Now this months thhy deactivated prepaid and mine is a postpaid connection with dynamic ip.I read all thye forums here ,and found some people saying u need static ip for this.and Static Ip charges 250rs more.

Is there any way out to configure my CPE to enable port forwarding.???
After I disabled NATting from Customer care one added option from CPE is removed which is menu /firewall/virtual servers/.

But before NAT was enabled i was using 10 series ip address, now it is 192 series and was getting that added option in CPE /firewall/virual servers/

My questions is how to port forward and is there any way to do some settings in that firewall option over there in CPE.
(NOTE: My windows firewall is disabled and there is no antivirus)