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    Default PortForwarding

    Could anyone help me in setting up port forwarding???

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    You should mention the modem router you use.
    How you connect to Internet ? Dialer mode or "Always On"
    The application/s you need to Port forward .
    Port numbers if known.

    Para two ;
    Try in SEARCH box above
    Key word ort forwarding with ______-
    for many old threads and guides.
    In this forum Sub forum "Broadband How to ......"
    In.Ut300R2U new model supplied by BSNL Not possible.
    Under Advanced Options
    NAT/virtual servers/Port triggering options
    not available.

    Para three ;
    Please refer this link:
    Same procedure for many other BSNL modems.

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    i dont knw the modem name
    it is the wimax one
    i need to port forward on utorrent
    i need to longin using the login page in the browser

    plz help guys.......
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