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Tata Indicom : the worst in BB service

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    Thumbs down Tata Indicom : the worst in BB service

    I had taken up a BB connection in bangalore and payed 3370/- (3 or 4 months upfront ) and after 10 days of the worste connection , I was forced to cancell it as the line man adviced . He said I dont know how TATA INDICOM has given a connection in the first place. And then after regular phone calls TATA INDICOM promised a full refund after 60 days .
    But 6months after that they called and said I would get only 1700/- .
    Not its been almost 1 year (I applied in OCT last year) and I still haven't recieved any refund . Apparently a guy named MR. Rameez is the nodal officer for Bangalore (His number 9243111517 )and has promised me numerous times that I will recive the money , But every time I call him he's iether in a meeting or on holiday , etc . I met Rameez personally twice and frankly he's not even fit to hold a pen. But Im not suprised considering Tata's poor service.In fact the worst ISP.

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    Default TATA worst service

    TATA BB is the worst service in all internet services, for all reasons they always penalize the customer. I took this connection 15 months back, that time they installed setup box in area, where I don't have any control, with out my permission,in NOV-2008 the antena is missing and after police complient I got a replacement with free of cost. that time the stupid field engineer came and installed at the same place with out listening to my word, and told there are many antennas there on that building. agian the un safe antenna is missing in sept-2009, this time they are asking for 7000/- rupees payment from customer side, which is not the property of customer.

    The nodal officer, customer care executive all these stupid employees are playing games with the customer money

    Useless fellows and useless network

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    i had so much issues with tata bb they didnt provide any service for almost 3 weeks and they charged me for it
    and when i complained they sed it was because they transferred my account for desktop dialler to login page
    thanks for doing that but atleast they have to inform me and login page was so bad when i started using it that it was impossible to stay connected for 2 hrs straight

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    i dont think so that its worst broadband in india..........
    i shall rank it third...
    airtel - bsnl - tata.......
    *****We WIll FiNd WaY oR mAke oNe....*****

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