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Will this happen in any other country other than India

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    Default Will this happen in any other country other than India

    I have two BB connections. One prepaid and the other postpaid. On the postpaid I receive bills based on my usage.
    In August 2006 I received a bill which was paid by the due date by cheque on a nationalised bank. However in September 2006 I receieved another bill showing the previous bill as overdue. I paid only the amount due for September and I immedeately contacted the customerservice of VSNL and gave them the details of my payment. I also followed it up with a mail to them giving them all the details and sent them an extract of my bank statement showing the cheque in there favour as "cleared". In October I get another bill showing the same August month bill as overdue. I then repeated the same process, and paid the amount that was due for October, and sent them the copy of my original mail.

    Now, even without informing me, or replying to any of my mails they have suspended my connection and have disabled my mailbox. (On 13-11-2006)
    On contacting the customerservice through telecom, they say the payment is not reflected in their statement., which is not my problem, but theirs since the drawal by VSNL is clearly reflected in my bank statement.

    I have been tormented by this suspension of service. Forum members please adivice what to do on this.

    my username for the VSNL account is

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    pls contact local consumer forum to file a case against the ISP ...

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    Another thing to do is change your isp as soon as possible rather then sitting and waiting for your connection to be reinstated.
    Dont be thier customer when you are not getting what you are paying for.

    Its a pity that in India good customer service doesnt exist.

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    Yes local consumer forums are very very useful..its my personal experience... its very good solution for cheaters .. nice advice

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    please provide me where are the local forums where i can contact regarding bad service of ISP's in Hyderabad

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