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TATA Wimax Broadband 2.0

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    Never go for TATA's Broadband Service, on the month of Oct i opted for the flash 384 plan, where they told me if u pay for 4Months rent in advance, u will be not charged for Installation and security deposit will be waived off., listening to these paid cheque of Rs.5296/- connection got activated on 21st oct, everything went fine. on 2nd nov i checked my mail for broadband bill because my billing cycle is gnerated on 1st of every month, i was shocked to see my bill, they charged me Rs.1748/-. Rs.425 for 11 days i.e from 21st oct to 31st oct and RS.1323 for nov month. when i called customer care they are telling that it is company policy charging one month rental in advance, when i told them, no one has informed me about these and was not mentioned anywhere in the pamplet or in the website, they just say its our company policy., so i asked them if u r going to continue billing in these manner u refund my full cheque amount and terminate my connection and i will pay the 11days bill by cash, they told me to mail these to customer care. i mailed on the same day mentioning the problem wit my mobile number, by evening my connection got suspended without any confirmation mail or call., i called customer why u suspended my connection, reason from them, as we tried to contact u on your mobile, was unsucessful, so we suspended ur connection, so i asked them when r u going to send me the cheque, reply from them as per our company we dont reund., no other way so i told to reactivate my account, they told me it will be activated within 4 workings hours, but it passed 4 working days no connection yet or cheque.. very helpless

    can anyone help.

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    my scenario was almost same but i got the connection imdtly re activated.. i acted very rude to them ..might be that gave me faster results. nad every time u mail to any problems do send a cc to consumer fomurs too >>best of luck ! change ur connection to BSNL asap

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