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Tataindicom Broadband Service

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    Default Tataindicom Broadband Service

    Tataindicom Broadband Service:

    If you are using snail speed internet connection then it is time to get rid it and rope into the latest broadband speed from Tata Indicom. You can match the speed with your imagination and lot more. This is brought to you by Tata Communications Internet Services Limited!

    If you apply Tata Indicom broadband tariffs you get 4 great broadband offers along with Wi-Fi router and also there is possibility to win laptops (this is time bound offer which is slated to expire). You get excellent offers with Tata Indicom broadband connection – from education to business, from music to movies, from videos to games you get everything that you wish for.

    And above all you have superb plans to match your need. And if you wish to get the latest Tata Indicom broadband go for the pre-paid plans. There are few advantages in taking the pre-paid plans-

    * You are committed to minimum usage in a month and you can use the service for valued paid within the valid period for renewal of your plan.

    * More than anything you have complete control over your account and usage. In post paid you go on using without a single thought and at the end of the month you find a huge bill awaiting at your doorsteps.

    * And the pre-paid plans are ideally suited for home. While postpaid plans are ideal for office and business usage only!

    The Tata Indicom broadband tariff plans are tailor made to suit the needs of every pocket and user. There are three plans for Tata Indicom broadband: Time Based plan, Volume Based plan and unlimited plan. Tata Indicom offers various plans in different cities starting from 128 kpbs to 512 kpbs. There are other attractive offers too with TataIndicom broadband plans like – if you take six months advanced prepaid broadband plan you can get free installation and modem with this plan!

    Given Below are Tata Indicom broadband tariff plans in different cities across India:

    TataIndicom Unlimited Broadband Plan and tariff in Delhi, NCR (Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad)

    Unlimited TataIndicom Broadband Plan and tariff in Bangalore, Hyderbad

    TataIndicom Unlimited Broadband Plan and tariff in Mumbai

    TataIndicom Unlimited Broadband Plan and tariff in Chandigarh

    Thus, we see how the TataIndicom offers excellent plans that suit the needs of every user. Most people are opting for the volume based plan. The volume based plan charges only for the bytes that are transferred using the internet and it is measured in Mega Bytes (MB). That is you get sent email of data size 3 MB you are charged for 3MB only and on the other hand if you receive a video file of 10 MB you are charged of 10 MB only. There is no charge if you remain connected to internet. The plan is best suited to those who use internet continuously.
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    Are you currently using Tata Indicom's plan? Can you brief on your plan details and also the download speeds that you get?

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