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Photon plus on Windows 7

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    Default Photon plus on Windows 7

    i recently installed windows 7 32bit but unfortunately, my photon plus modem (ZTE AC8710) does not work in it. i tried installing vista driver that came with the modem to no avail. actually, the drivers are installing (thru device manager) but the dialer crashes when i try to start it.

    has anybody here had any luck with this? if so please help cause the tata guys are less than forth coming with the issue.

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    Presume you got the installation cd.
    1.If you have, uninstall all drivers for ZTE AC8710.
    ( or make a copy to 3 before uninstall)
    2.Remove the unit from computer.

    3.Now upload the drivers to say
    C:/My Documents / ZTEAC8710 drivers.
    4.Re start the system with photon modem connected.
    Let windows 7 detect new Hardware.

    5.Will ask for drivers.
    Load from above location
    6.May get message "Not digitally signed" etc
    proceed with installation.
    7.success or the system will crash.

    If accepted your drivers are installed Ok.


    This is the procedure usually
    recommended for
    any USB based modem.

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    Default Solution for Tata photon + issue on Windows 7

    Please Note: Below procedure works for Photon + USB modem powered by Huawei Mobile broadband(It is listed in the back side of usb modem. Tata folks say other USB model is not yet supported in win7)

    Also, this assumes Huawei access manager is already installed once in your machine and is not working(ie the HSIA logo or signal logo doesnt show any signal)

    1. From Start -> Control Panel -> Programs ->Uninstall programs select Huawei Access
    manager and uninstall it completely.

    2. <Important step> REBOOT the machine. (Note:Many ppl, after uninstalling try to install it again and then reboot, in this case it wont work.)

    3. Plugin the Photon + usb modem and it will ask for Autorun to install the Huawei Access manager and the drivers. Once the drivers are installed it will say its ready to go.

    Now see the HSIA logo activated and you are good to go.

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    Smile Thanks !! It worked

    Thanks man you are a savior. It really worked. I thought, I would had to install Xp into my new laptop with windows 7 as standard.

    Thanks again!

    Keep up the good work.

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    i am also facing similar problem with signals in my laptop with windows 7 64bit

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