iam using tata wimax 384 infinity in hyderabad iam using it for last 8 months
every thing is fine but in october i started a problem in my connection
(windows error-there is an ip conflict with another system on the network)
i have complained to the cc and they have done nothing but they have changed my cpe setting from bridge mode to router mode ihave told to them that dont change from bridge to router mode but they have changed with out my constent but the problem solved and no frequent disconnection is happend from the time they have changed but the problem is that speed is very slow in router mode and again i have called the cc and changed from router mode to bridge mode two days back but the problem started again after changing from router to bridge mode
my connection is started disconnecting and evfery 15 to 20 minutes
so any one can helpme to solve the problem
iam using static ip they have given to me