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unfair trade practice

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    Angry unfair trade practice

    tata broad band had posted an offer on their site offering free one year subscription of f secure costing rs 1400
    on renewal of 1 yr subscription
    i renewed on 10-10-09
    now they are giving trend costing 700
    a clear case of unfair trade practice

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    They do have a right to withdraw special offers. But you are right - the company should have informed you of the change and honoured past commitments.
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    their engineers dnt even know how to assign ip address
    a subnet with was assigned a gateway of

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    It all in the trade but you are correct, they did not update the site may be which they should be doing but this is the problem with the websites these days with all outdated plans

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    If you want to spread the word and want action to be taken by Tata in this regard I would suggest writing up a detailed post and ask Admin to send out mass e-mails to those who have subscribed to the blog and on the forum.... trust me it hits really hard.

    Here is an example that shows that this forum matters a lot to ISP's :
    After this thread was posted and mass e-mails sent they changed their procedure and now actually verify account details with you before they discuss anything. Things are changing slowly and all we need to do is stand up united and make our voice heard.

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