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Is Anybody Using TATA Infinity 750 PLUS Or -PLUS

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    Question Is Anybody Using TATA Infinity 750 PLUS Or -PLUS


    I'm Using BSNL 512 Kbps Unlimited & I Have Getting 100/120 Kbps At Torrent/HTTP With NetGear!
    & If Anybody Using Infinity 750 PLUS Or -PLUS Then Please Tell Wht Speed u Getting At Torrent/HTTP I Able To Take More Speed But This is Last PLAN Avliable in My City
    So If u Using Then Please Tell.


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    hey....i am also very much keen to know the answer

    right now....using BSNL 750 unlimited..with absolute awful speed

    as BSNL Locks the speed to 30 kpbs for this UL plan

    so really looking to shift to better one

    please Help

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    Currently I am using Wi-Max 750+ power Flash (Static IP, though upgraded from 512kbps couple of months back). i am using this Tata connection from march 2009, out of these months only 10-15mins of my internet connection got disconnected. (Yes, u heard it right).

    Never had any problems with my connection. I am getting download speed with IDM(internet download manager) is in between 90-110kbps.
    with windows default IE browser ,i get around 85-95 Kbps.

    even with non-premium download links also i get same speed.

    But getting horrible calls about FUP. but never cared about those calls and downloaded as much as i like.

    conversation between me and TATA

    TATA: Hello sir, This is soo................,calling from TATA,......

    me: good XXX, tell what is it?

    Tata: Sir, you are using so and so package and the limit is 85GB for month. But we found out you have been using 130+ GB, would like to upgrade your package....

    me: why do i have to upgrade, mine is unlimited na

    Tata: sorry for inconvience,.. but due to TRAI ,....................

    me : tell me one thing ,..what do u mean unlimited meaning?

    Tata: Sorry sir,. but due to...... would like to upgrade ur package.

    me: that's not the answer i am looking for, what is the meaning for unlimited.

    Tata: but sir,.....again same stupid excuse.

    me: please go and find therapist and talk about "un limited" word.

    Tata: Sir, would like to upgrade your package?

    me: Ok, no i don't want to upgrade..

    This happened first time.. From second time onwards.

    Tata: same bullsit.

    Me: Oh" I am Sorry i didn't know about FUP. next time i'll try to be in limits.

    TATA: thank you sir.

    But i am downloading as much as i want.

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