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New Tata WiMax tariff rumored (in Ranchi)

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    Default New Tata WiMax tariff rumored (in Ranchi)

    Presently I'm a BSNL subscriber in Ranchi. They are the only game in town, it seems, offering unlimited (in the true sense - no fair use policy has stopped me from downing around 120GB/month steadily for over a year now). I was in a Tata service centre for our Tata Sky billing and I noticed they also provided service for WiMax broadband. I'm quite eager to get a faster unlimited connection in Ranchi (I've been stuck at 512kbps for 2-3 years now) and the prospect of getting 1mbps symmetrical or even an asymmetrical 2.5mbps (for Rs. 5,000) is intriguing.

    The guys told me they are upgrading their systems, and presently have suspended all new applications while they upgrade, and that only in Feb. will they be able to give a new connection, but that new tariff rates are due in mid-January. If I check their tariff for Ranchi right now the plans max out at 750 (256 up) but they said they'll offer faster ones after the updates.

    Anyway I just thought I'd pass this info on, and also start a thread about broadband options in Ranchi, as I was shocked to find there's an 'unlimited' plan available here that's faster than what I have. I do a lot of Skype video chatting with my family in the US, so 256kbps upload cap would be a problem for me (it works, but poorly).

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    Did you get a Tata wimax connection? How did it go if you did get it.

    Tata wimax has a contention ratio of 1:12 which is a lot better then every adsl service we have in India although latency might put off those people who do online gaming a lot but otherwise wimax is doing the trick for me.. Check out their flash tariffs which give you 1.5mbps at night and sundays.

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