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Tata Indicom Infinity 1Mbps SYM

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    Default Tata Indicom Infinity 1Mbps SYM


    Need to know something, I think I got confused with whats mentioned on the Tariff sheet Infinity 1Mbps SYM is available at Rs. 2950/- with 1Mbps download speed & 1Mbps Upload Speed.

    Now what does this Download & upload Speed mean? is it the actual speed i will be downloading a file from a website or its just the surfing speed? So if i download a file from will my download speed be 1Mbps or 100+kbps? & if the second option is true which i think it is, why write 1Mbps Upload & download?

    I need a plan suggestion, it doesn't have to be Tata Indicom,
    I currently have MTNL 849 NU I download a lot of stuff, two months back I've started working as a Server Support engineer for a company in Canada, from home, I have to be provide online tech support to any issues faced by them. So i have to be online atleast 10 hours a day, i don't have to be on the table but online logged in on the server.

    So My month end data is more than 1.25 GB obviously, I am looking for a new unlimited plan which will help me do my work & still be able to download at nights. So i don't want to lose my MTNL NU plan cause its AWESOME.

    Please suggest me a good plan.

    Seriously no one has this plan? or your just being immature
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    when you connect and see the web download and up load will happen it is 2 face of one coin. It ia not speed. to take ratio of DL/Ul it will be 80;20 or so.
    to know it you should use it and see the usage bill/report.

    Finding plan is very easy, meet customer care and collect/download their tariff plan.
    BSNL/MTNL has business offers/ server plan offers get it. It is always good to take extra care before threading into new territory.

    A sever support engg is expected to know all these(networks and plan, download up load....) isn't it?
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