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Compression Ratio ratio in Tata Indicom ADSL plan?

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    Default Compression Ratio ratio in Tata Indicom ADSL plan?

    Can someone throw light on what this Compression Ratio in Tata Indicom Tarrif? I am having presently 128 kbps with 1:2 compression ratio and I am getting 16 KB/s dl speed. I plan to go for 300 kbps with 1:8 compression ratio. How much dl speed I'll get? >37 KB/s. As usual customer care dont know explain or they dont know what it means at all.



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    sorry bumping year old thread

    What is Compression Ratio

    CC: "Minimum speed - ex: for 256 Kbps(32 KB/sec) minimum download speed will be 32 KB/sec (calc: %%% Kbps / 8 / compression ration = minimum dwnld speed)"

    Tard sales team advertise it as %%% Kbps / compression ration = download speed!!!


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    Default Compression ratio and Contention Ratio

    Please also look for the information on the Contention Ratio. The actual data transfer rate you can expect will be plan speed divide by contention ratio and the resultant answer to be again divided by compression ratio.

    Thus, if plan is 128 Kbps with contention ratio of 1:2 and compression ratio of 1:4, you get 128/2 = 64 and 64/4 = 16.

    Do not expect anything better than 16 Kbps when you book a plan that says 128 Kbps as described above.

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