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TATA Services are useless

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    Angry TATA Services are useless

    I used TATA broadband connection for two months and for about 10 days it was dead. It took them 7 days to rectify the fault. They told me that they will give me extend my validity which they never did. I called them many times and mailed them many times but all in vain. They never forget to call you when your account is getting expired but not otherwise. They suspend my account on 9th Oct whereas it was due to get expired on 11thOCt. I called up customercare and they did'nt had any answer. The customer services are very very poor. Finally i opted for BSNL 256 unlimited and its far better. I recommend not to go in for TATA as its wastage of money/Time and leads to frustration and nothing else. They dont care for their customers.

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    Exclamation Poor Service Of Tata

    Do not go for TATA.. This is my experience

    It happenned in June...
    No connection for entire month....
    repeated call & nothing was done..
    They told me they will extend my billing period(was using post paid)
    But what i got was a shock....

    A Bill for Rs.17500/-.........for the month in which the connection was down.
    I asked for the Ip list of users on my account, they did not give me said security concerns.I did not pay a penny ...
    they gave me a notice...i did not respond....
    i just literally through the modem in the face of their person and connected to airtel..but i opted for unlimited plan this time.....
    no question about MBs being used

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    Thumbs down Don't go to TATA

    Same experience here. They are terrible. Also be ware that whatever we write in this forum will not change them or make them take remedial action.

    This is just to warn new customers who smay opt seeing the TATA brand, and become their victims.

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