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Help in setting up Netgear router in tata broadband connection

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    Question Help in setting up Netgear router in tata broadband connection

    Hi All Please help me in setting up the Netgear DG834GT router for the tataindicom connection. They have provided me ZyXEL P660R - T1 v2 router through which I connect to my Dell laptop windows 7 VIA ethernet cable. As soon as I power on the router and plug the ethernet cable to laptop, the internet connection gets established (no need for entering password or other details).

    Now I want to install the netgear wifi router in this net connection. What all data I will need and what steps to be followed please let me know and help me out with this situation, I am struggling for past 3days but no go. If you need any further detail please let me know.


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    Step 1 :
    Open Zyxel p660R menu pages and go to management
    ( or maintenance) Backup/ Save current settings.
    to Say C:/My Documents / Tata Always On working.
    Step 2 : note down VPI/VCI values from wan page.
    Step 3 :
    Follow instruction given below .
    or this link.
    Unfortunately the screen shots are deleted by website.

    Para two :
    Just type DG834G in SEARCH box above for old threads in this forum.
    keep zyxcel modem as standby.

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    Hi Thanks a lot for the reply. I have gone through both the links provided by you and followed the steps mentioned in it but still I am not able to connect to internet with my netgear router. Following are the issues -

    1) Both links say that enter your login id and password provided by ISP . But I do not enter any login id or password for starting the net it gets directly connected with Zyxel router and hence ISP has not provided me any ID or password. So In the first step I have to say no login ID required.

    2) The VPI/VCI values provided in the thread are 0/35 but in my Zyxel it is 0/33 I tried one by one with both values but no result.

    3) The DNS provided in thread are Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:, but I have spoken to TATA indicom people and they have provided me DNS as follows and , again I tried one by one both the set but no result.

    I am trying first to get it connected VIA ethernet cable once it will be done then I can try wifi, but in the first step only this is not getting connected.

    Please help me is it because of WIN 7 ? If some information is required form the ISP then please let me know what I should ask them which is required for this connection.


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    Check this link for ZYxcel. settings manual etc.
    USERID and Password can be seen in WAN page settings.
    if password is encrypted ask Tata for the password.
    Step 2 : note down VPI/VCI values from wan page
    as informed by you vpi/vci for Tata 0 and 33.
    could you set up wifi mode ?
    You are trying to use DG834G as stand alone unit and
    all settings to be identical as in Zyxcel modem.
    Opendns and will works for almost all ISP's.

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    Hi Essbebe,
    Thanks a lot for your help, the main issue was on Zyxcel router the details were blocked so I asked tata guys they have given me the password and then I got my user ID and password to internet, which I entered on netgear and it got connected.

    I am really thankful to you for all your help. Should I use that Mac address option for the security or it is not necessary? Because I connect my Laptop as well as my Ipod to net, and Ipod's Mac address changes every tiime I connect it to net.

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