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Pathethic Service

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    Default Pathethic Service

    This is a general review for any prospective Tata Indicom customers.

    I have been a Tata Indicom customer for the past 1.5 years, and am shocked that I have put up with their PATHETIC service.

    Their service is so bad that I have had around 30 days of downtime in the past 1.5 years that I have subscribed to Tata Indicom.

    My last experience has completely made me detest Tata Indicom, I had a broken ethernet plug which needed to be fixed. The only thing that was required was a person to come and change the mouth of the ethernet (which literally takes around 1 minute). This problem has not been resolved as of now (I dont have internet for the past 6 days now).

    I have filed four complaints with them which goes unheard:

    Their customer care service is totally apathetic about the problem and have a HORRIBLE customer feedback to see if my problem had been resolved.

    Their customer care has gone ahead to actually HARASS me. They put me on LONG HOLDS or even HANG UP on me when I try to contact them.

    Other things one must remember about Tata Indicom is that they are much more expensive than its competitors, still they are providing AWFUL service. Why is there downtime at all? There should never be any downtime by an ISP, but still Tata Indicom has stupendous downtimes. GROSS.

    I am currently paying Rs. 1000 for 384kbps MTNL is offering a MUCH BETTER service for Rs 599 for 512kbps or 1mbps for Rs 999.
    That means TATA is 3 times as expensive as MTNL. Still can not satisfy its customers.

    Any new customers please DO NOT GO FOR TATA INDICOM, go for MTNL or Airtel. Atleast they don't treat their customers like dogs.

    Now it has finally been resolved after 6 days (I am yet to receive the downtime credit from their end)

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    They have fixed the problem but another has come up they have debited around Rs 500 from account, and they still have not credited my account with the downtime allowance and they keep on disconnecting the call whenever I try to call them up.

    I am extremely vexed at Tata Indicom and I would NEVER EVER recommend it to anyone.

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    Default Yes I have been frustrated by TATA Indicaom broadband service

    Yes sidtoaf ,

    I have installed TATA indicom, since May 2010, and since then only once I recieved iuninterrupted service for a week, else every other day the internet connection do not work,

    Though customer service representatives apologize but I guess they need to fix issues, and they definitely don't care.

    My take is Tata's grown from an Good Industrial house to Greedy Industrial house where their preier interst lies in your pocket without caring if they do or they can deliver.

    Its mist hopeless experience as a custome I had in my life.
    All Thumbs dow Tata Indicom.

    Manoj Dey

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    i couldn't agree more with you. tata has started sucking in their services very badly....

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