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Tata Indicom wired BB and Netgear wireless modem

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    Default Tata Indicom wired BB and Netgear wireless modem


    Can you please help me configure the Netgear wireless router with my TI wired BB connection. TI engineer failed to do so as there is no option visible to enter WAN setting (PPPoE) and VPI, VCI setting on page. I also dont see setup wizard or basic setting option

    This modem was for my sky BB in UK and not sure if the same will work here.
    Can someone please help guide me?
    Appreciate the help

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    Mention model/make/number.
    Can you access settings of router.
    Any installation Cd provided by SKY?
    Were you provided any Adsl modem by TATA ? Mention details.
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    Here are the details:
    Netgear Super Wireless ADSL Router DG834GT
    Sky did provide a CD but dosen't seem to be working
    I can login to the router but it dosen't have any section for Basic setting etc., all I can see is router status, WAN setup, LAN IP setup etc as below

    Router Status

    Account Name
    Firmware Version V1.03.87

    ADSL Port

    MAC Address 00:1B:2F:93:27:1F
    IP Address ---
    Network Type PPPoA
    IP Subnet Mask ---
    Gateway IP Address ---
    Domain Name Server ---

    LAN Port

    MAC Address 00:1B:2F:93:27:1E
    IP Address
    DHCP On
    IP Subnet Mask


    ADSL Firmware Version A2pB023b.d20e
    Modem Status Connected
    DownStream Connection Speed 2047 kbps
    UpStream Connection Speed 83 kbps
    VPI 0
    VCI 38

    Wireless Port

    Name (SSID) SKY58241
    Region Europe
    Channel 6
    Wireless AP Enabled
    Broadcast Name Enabled

    WAN Setup

    Disable Port Scan and DOS Protection

    Default DMZ Server

    Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port

    MTU Size (in bytes)

    Dynamic DNS

    Use a Dynamic DNS Service

    Service Provider

    Host Name
    User Name

    Use Wildcards

    LAN IP Setup

    LAN TCP/IP Setup

    IP Address ...
    IP Subnet Mask ...
    RIP Direction
    RIP Version

    Use Router as DHCP Server

    Starting IP Address ...
    Ending IP Address ...

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    Change VPI VCI to 0 and 35 ( for tata indicom )

    Network type should be PPPoA/PPPoE or PPPoE.



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