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Tata Photon Plus Sucks !!!

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    Thumbs down Tata Photon Plus Sucks !!!

    Frens m using Tata Photon Plus in Guwahati Assam 4m last few months... Photon Plus promises to offer 3.1 MbPs while there modem connection speed is even only maximum 920 kbps...

    I use the net for almost all the time.. but never seen the speed more than 100 kbps during the 5Gb High speed use (as m using the 950 5GB rental)

    And after the 5Gb uses the maximum speed is maximum only 18 kbps..

    even my Rs 98 rental's Aircel GPRS gives up to 30 kbps..

    The Photon Plus Management must look over it.. and the rental...
    cant they give us some interesting fully unlimited plan.. m even ready to pay more rental...

    as i download lot of movies ...and some of $$$$$$ ... as all youngsters do

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    these guys are cheaters.i have same problem in delhi.

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    Check your speed here.:twice)
    My Broadband Speed - Broadband Speed Tester

    try application tcp/ip optimizer from speed
    In the application slider at say 3 Mbps speed.optimal values
    recheck speed.

    Change position of Laptop for better wifi signal.
    Try outdoors if possible.
    Use a short USBport extension cable.

    for use in this forum ;

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    Red face Tata photon plus -should give 0.75 to 1.2 Mbps if signal above 80%

    Iam using photon for quite some time.(mostly in net book and occassionaly in desk top). It usually gives max 1.2 mbps and at the worst 0.6 mbps. Huawei modem provided by them works with out any dis connect.
    But their claim "Up to 3.2 Mbps in 2G !" -we have to sue them for false advts!
    Take your modem with notebook and check out in main street/railway station/malls.
    Most probably signal not good in your location. Apply Essbee's remedial measures.

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    Thumbs down

    I've recently bought Tata Photon. I'm highly disappointed with the service. They have junks in their customer care who even cut the call, if pressed for resolution or escalation. I've never seen such a behavior with any of the service provider.

    I've submitted the verification form twice. But it was mishandled by Tata Photon and they've disconnected my connection despite promising to activate it within a day. I've made more than 20 calls and emails. Every time I got a different response from the customer care. The issue was dragged for a month despite SLA breach and several request for 48 hours extension. Finally, they've stopped responding to my emails.

    Overall it was a worst experience. Please.. Please .. Please do not buy a tata Photon even if some one offers it free. I'm saying this despite being a tata employee. It doesn't fit to be in a Tata group.

    I can share the conversation I've had with helpdesk. It was a painful experience.

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