I booked the tata indicom BB connection online and I got a call from Satyanaran the next with big promises of connection and that my connection for locality is feasible. After a week i agreed for the connection and was asked to wait at my residence till 8:45 am. I insisted very much that he not delay the visit due to my office commitments. He made me wait for1 hour and dosent even call up. And then at office i see a mail that my area is not feasible for connectivity!!! The service even before starting suck so much. Also heard from couple of friends in the office that they do "insider trading". One guy promotes the broadband, one promotes the landline saying the other is not good. Even phone number give to tataindicom land up in airtels mail box for some reason.

Verdict: do go for tata indicom broadband.

Bsnl is far better of in bangalore.