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No sight of Tata Indicom connection

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    Default No sight of Tata Indicom connection

    i live in bangalore and i applied for a Tata Indicom connection on the 1st May 2007. The agent came home, collected all the documents and a pre-paid cheque for 4months, and promised me that the connection would be provided in 5-7 days. I specifically wanted to enquire about feasibility in my area as i have already tried reaching out to other ISPs (who came back saying that bandwidth constraints meant they would NOT be able to provide a connection in my area currently). The agent specifically assured me that there were no bandwidth issues and that they had a specific connection point set up right at the end of my street and connectivity would be provided immediately.

    I waited and waited and waited.. no one came i called on 7th May to the call-center to file a complaint. I was told that this would be resolved in 3 business days and that someone from the company would call and let me know the current status. Again, no response from them as i waited. i called again atleast 6-7 times one day after the other but i just kept getting polite apologies with no progress. Two days back, when i called the call-center, i was told that there were some issues but that they had no information what they exactly where. I tried calling my agent / executive (whose contact # was on the customer receipt) repeatedly to find out the exact problem - no response, sometimes they just cut my call.

    i feel soo frustrated and importantly betrayed. why does no one call from Tata Indicom and explain what the problem is? Yesterday, when i called up the call-center, i was told my complaint was closed *this is bizzare*!!!!!!!!!

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    This is what Tata Broadband typically does. I had inquired for their connection and no one showed up for a month! Eventually I received an email that connection was not "feasible" in my area which was absolutely absurd as Tata Broadband connections were already offered to my neighbour! A month later their representatives show up asking me about my enquiry which I had filed a month back.

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