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TATA BB - AutoLogin Configuration

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    Exclamation TATA BB - AutoLogin Configuration

    Im using Tata BB Prepaid conn with ADSL Billion Router [BiPAC 5200s]. In last visit, Service engg has configured my router in such-way that, Its dialing internet connection automatically. Previously I was required to dial just like normal dialer from Control Panel-> Network Settings->Tata Dialer (WAN Miniport PPPoE) with my Username & Password.

    But since after my internet connection is constantly on. And Now I don't want to use auto dialing. I want to get back to my old dialer. I've reset factory settings from (admin/admin), but its not working. Please suggest me way so as i can dial to my broadband connection, instead of autodialling from router.

    OS: Win XP, CPU Intel DC 2.8GHz, RAM 1.12GB DDR2, HDD 160GB SATA.

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    you have to log into the modem and put it in bridge mode ;
    save the settings ; and use dialer to connect to the net .

    I do not have details of your modem . if you do not know how
    to do this then there could be a reset hole on your modem .
    use a safety pin to press the mini switch in the reset hole for
    about 10 seconds while the modem is powered on . This resets
    modem to factory settings and you should be able to use dialer .

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    Thumbs up Its Done

    Thanks mmm,

    Its done dude!

    I had to just change settings from PPPoE to Bridge & Reboot the router!

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