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Beware of Tata Indicom Broadband

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    Default Beware of Tata Indicom Broadband

    Hey Everyone,
    Here's a request to all the broadband users who are looking for a new connection.

    Please Please Please DO NOT go for Tata Indicom Broadband.

    This is the worst service that anyone can ever have. MTNL could be better but not Tata.
    My experience of having this connection is so pathetic that I am now tired of yelling at the

    customer service.
    O by the way, you have to wait for atleast 10 minutes before you can talk to a customer

    service agent. Cos the expected wait time is always beyond 10 minutes and they will always

    ask you to call later.
    But if you have patience and also luck to get through, you might talk to an agent who can do

    nothing but generate a customer complaint number for you.
    God know what am I supposed to do with that number.

    And after calling them continuously for 15 days, when you loose your patience, that agent

    literally puts you on mute while you are talking.
    So the point is ..theres no point calling them.

    Mine is a prepaid connection. So factually speaking , I have wasted Rs.4200/-, coz they take

    6 months payment in advance which cannot be refunded; Even when they dont give you service.

    So after being tired of calling them again and again and again, finally I had no choice but

    track down the cable myself.
    I actually went behind the cable which came to my house, and went over the roof top, and

    then again came down the building.
    So after all this stunt I found that the cable is broken at the pole next to my building.

    Cool!!! now as I was happy to find the problem, and was assuming that since I have told them

    the problem, they might be able to correct it asap.

    But no...I completely forgot that it was bloody TATA INDICOM.
    Now its been 5 days that I am calling them everyday and telling that the cable is broken and

    please send someone to repair it.
    They have a a really beautiful answer framed for me .."Maam, our Engineers are working on

    When I ask them how much time it will take, they would again beautifully say, "I cannot

    committ about that maam, but I assure it will happen soon"...
    So all I can do now, is assume that my money is wasted.

    I have now activated Mobile office on my Airtel Cell phone, and use my cell for Internet

    The speed is like a normal Dialup connection which I can live with for now.
    O well, something is better than nothing.
    So that was my Tata Indicom experience...

    O and did I tell you that I am an exemployee of Tata Indicom and I worked in the Mobile

    division for 2 years.
    So if Tata can offer such service to its own employees, then you can imagine what you will

    go through.
    So my friends...Please take my advice...

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    dude where do u stay ?? cause in certain areas the Isp are diffrent and the maintenance is done by some one else.

    Like I am from mumbai goregaon n the cable network is maintained by xyz infotech and ISPs give contracts to these people to supply their servies through
    Xyz infotechs cable network . so you need to catch these people for your cable problem if there is an actual problem then generally the message is displayed either through an IM by internet explore or via the dialer.

    Generally ask your cable operator who by whom is the network maintained or ask for internet wale ka number.

    I have shifted from many places and such stuff has happened to me so, your anger for the service is right but for any problems first call the cable maintenance people then the ISPs .

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    I stay in bangalore...
    And the cable is laid by Tata Indicom Broadband people.
    And there is no other XYZ operators or companys to maintain those cables.
    They are owned by Tata itself.

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    I agree with you 100% , i concider this as a public service announcement , a good deed done by you.

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