I am a prepaid customer of VSNL Broadband internet connection with account id as mmadhan2002@vsnl.net. I took the connection some 4 months back. From that day I am continuously getting problems. This time m y connection got disconnected on 21st midnight and after that till today I didnít get the connectivity to access internet. In some months I used to get only 15 days connectivity to access the internet and the other days it will be down. For all these days they will plug the money in daily basis from my account.

I have nearly 11 complaints numbers (Complain Number : 2343706, 2343950, 2455460, 2455556, 2503696, 2538310, 2739784, 2792730, 3060554, 3067632, 3081515) for that I have raised complaints to VSNL customer care regarding my connectivity and the validity/grace periods for the days my connectivity was not there. For that I didnít get any single call from them to get connected regarding the connectivity or any call for the validity/grace periods for the days that my connectivity over internet was not there.

Following to all these complaint numbers I have called them frequently to get the complaint fixed. More over I will trace the problem and tell them the exact problem where it lies. But nobody will turn to fix the problem.

For each problem when I contact the customer care they will make us hold for 15 minutes 20 minutes to register the complaints and for follow ups too. Calling to customer care you know, when we connect to them the person who attends the call now is not the person who attends when we call next time. So that we need to tell them the whole story again and make them understand about it. This makes a heavy mental tension to us.

Even this time I spoke to Mr. Govarthan who is superintend for this customer care wing. He promised me that he will fix the problem within 6 Hours and dozens of 6 hours passed. I got no output for this.

Apart from this I called the engineers who were working behind this in Bangalore. Their names are as follows. Mr. Fiaz (Manager) +91 9243777886, Mr. Shanmugam (Engineer) +91 9243702009 (this is his 5th or 6th mobile connection number within the 5 months time), Mr. Ramesh (Engineer) , Mr. Shankar (Engineer) +91 9986608685, and some other guys also who were working behind this internet. They will ask us to call and always they will tell that their outgoing is barred and they are not able to make calls. Even when they come to our place they used to make calls from our mobile to their interactions with their technical engineers managers etc.

Most of the time these Manager or Engineers they wonít pick the call.

Imagine the cost of the phone calls madeÖ

They are doing business and making money by cheating us, we are loosing the money in both ways (By loosing the validity for the internet connection taken and the phone calls). They have never called me back other than that to tell me your validity period is over and please recharge your account.

This time when I got the recharge validity coupon I was not able to get connected with my account. So that I thought of not recharging it now and I will do it when the connectivity comes. Meanwhile I called the customer care to know the status of my connectivity to the complaint raised by me before. One who picked the call named Sreedevi forced me to recharge the account by telling me the problem is due to unavailability of currency in your account and the problem of connectivity is not with our technical issue. I refused the same. But she told you recharge the account so that the connectivity will be automatically done and moreover she told that we cannot login any complaint without recharging your account. So that I recharged the account and till now, (from that day 21st) I am not able to access my account.

Again yesterday I called customer care for enquiring the status. Talking to them I got tensed because of their irresponsibility and I at last forced to tell them that I will approach consumer court for this issue because that much they irritated me. You know what all loss I have met due to unavailability of this connectivity? And the important thing is that when I told the care that I will approach Consumer court there was no fear or any kind of action or oscillation from their end and moreover he told me do what ever you can and we know what consumer court will do.

Moreover I send a mail to customerservice@vsnl.co.in explaining all those things happened and I got no reply from them regarding this.

M. Madhan