Hello EveryBody,

I am based on Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

I want to share very bad my experience with Tata Indicom Broadband.

I bought a new connection before 5 months from now.
In starting 2 months, I made 5 various complaints (disconnections, low speed).
I have used only 20-22 days in those 2 months.

Then I need to shift my house as I have bought new home so I have done the request for shifting. After 7 days from that I have inquired about status of my request and I was surprised when they told me that we didn't get any request from your side while I have given written application to them at their Head Office. OMG.... what the hell is this???

I said it is okay and given them a new application. They told it will take 12 days to make shifting. I said it is okay...

After completing 12 days, No shifting has been made. So I again went to their office. They have made several calls and told me they need 2-3 days more...
I said okay, No Probs
This same procedure happened 4-5 times but Again same reply from their side.

I have even called their manager, He was responded me well 3-4 times and then he had started ignoring my phone calls. I have made several calls from STD also to reach to him. he is really a bl***y f****r Guy.

Actually the problem is they are having problem with their switch and they don't have any technical personal who can sorted out the problem and get my connection running.

Now after 5 Months, I didn't get my refund or running Connection.
I have lost my 2000 Rs.

This is my experience with Tata Broadband.

So Please Please Please NEVER USE TATA INDICOM.