hi my name is mahesh parse
i am totally unsatisfied wth tata photon
there are many issue with tata photon its better i should not purchase the connection of tata photon
the 1st issue i have wrong name on my account my name is mahesh parse and the name on the a/c of photon is mohit cheda where in i dont know that person how they can give 1 connection to 2 different people
the 2nd issue is i made an unlimited recharge of Rs 700 i made the recharge on 9th Feb 2012 and my service gets end on 18th feb 2012 it shuld b end by 8th march 2012 when i called the customer service i got different diferent answers

day 1 18th feb 2012, the 1st rep told me there may b a technical issue i took teh complaint it ill resolved within 4 hrs

i called up aftr 4 hrs the next rep and his supervisor (aman) told me there is a server issue it will be resolve tomorrow by 8p

day 2nd 19th feb 2012 8pm, i called up again the next rep and his supervisor (sunil suryavanshi) told me there was no any server issue he apologized for wrong info provided and told me its a technical error it will be resolved within 4 hrs

after on day 3rd i.e. 20th feb 2012 i went o the gallery of tata photon i spoke with technical department they told me there is no balance if u put the balance it will get resolved i contacted customer service from gallery they said i took the compliant again u will get a call by 7 pm but no 1 called me still i am facing the same issue ur customer service is very bad it has no use

mahesh parse
photon a/c number is 9222730885
my phone numbere is 9773641929