My account number is 909994078. My internet connection has not been working from April 19th. However, they forced me to pay for the month of April-May. Then, in may, I gave a cancellation request, and they told me it is already under cancellation and cant take another request. However, to my surprise, they sent me a bill again in June for the month of May-June. Irrespective of the cancellation, I dont think I should pay for an internet connection that doesn't work! However, the Tata call center people will cite some issue like - I understand Sir, but the billing system wont accept it. And until I pay, they wont cancel it. So, I will keep getting bills of Rs. 1095 per month, even if the internet connection doesn't work! So, please dont go for TATA internet connection - they are the most pathetic service providers who fleece customers!