-How Low Are You Willing To Stoop To Reach The Top?

DISCLAIMER;-: While I'm not sure about the accuracy of the theory (as it often happens with the conspiracy theories!!!!!) mentioned below, instincts & experience with my humble ISP have led me to it.

Hereís what I noticed that led me to this theory: For the last three times whenever I lodged the complaint, I noticed that it followed the period when my usage was higher than when I enjoyed service causing no complaints. As mentioned before, I was enjoying fine service devoid of problems & complaints for nearly a fortnight now. But then I noticed that Iíd not been active online for quite a few days during this interval owing to some personal tragedies (not caused by TATA). Now, Iím sure that many users remain active online for more time than I do. But I guess Iíve been presumed as an average user by them, and they may not have been expecting daily 6+ hoursí activity from an average user. While it was high, it wasnít beyond whatís permissible as per my FUP [Fair Usage Policy]. So FUP canít help them limit my usage here. This may have posed them with a question of how to maintain our profits by limiting this customerís usage? Considering their viewpoint, FUP sounds good, but isnít profitable enough. There may be users who may not be using way too much [exceeding the limits set in FUP], but may be using quite enough. So here they take advantage of that 72 hoursí disconnection clause in their policy. If you lodge a complaint, first they give you 6 working hoursí limit to resolve the issue. If itís solved by then, fine. If not, just an extension of limit. As you may or may not know, you canít claim for compensation so long as this ISP is concerned (it hardly is ever concerned for its customers, though) if you arenít disconnected for 72 hours continuously. [If youíre a user of TATA Communications Broadband, and are facing the 6 working hoursí issue, & if itís not solved by then, donít panic. Have patience. Unless thereís a genuine issue, the problem will be solved within a day, much less than 72 hours. My latest complaint is just an example wherein I knew that it'd be up and fine by next day. After all, such FUP needs to be profitable, & not the least unaffordable. Itís a calculative job that would apparently prefer undetectability. The time-limit & frequency of disconnection is designed to do the needful without getting harmful.] My observations have led me to consider this theory of intentionally disabling the userís connection when oneís usage exceeds certain limit that affects the companyís profitability. Creating and imposing its own unofficial & profitable FUP [Fraud Unethical Policy?], in a way. While some may not be able to find this act ethical, itís technically perfectly legal to execute it. Besides, hardly few will be able to notice this, and if any of them discusses it, itís more possible that the other person would laugh it off as a silly conspiracy theory than believe (or even consider) it.

I can understand if one disapproves of this conspiracy theory, but given my experience with TATA Communications Broadband, Iím forced to consider it. Or are you already aware of its practice by this honorable ISP, and it took me too long to realize it?

That's all for the time being. Pardon any discrepancies. TATA.