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Warning : Beware of tata photon plus speed & fake advts / claims..!!

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    Default Warning : Beware of tata photon plus speed & fake advts / claims..!!

    Dear friends, who are looking to buy Photon Plus connection!!

    Don't buy it, even if you get it in free! I have used it, you get GPRS like speed with Photon Plus connection even with full network signal.

    Many others have also reported the same issues here, but many were luckier than me... I stuck with them by paying Rs. 5000 in advance for 6 Months & faced same issue of continuous disconnections & VERY VERY slow speed, that is 12kbps to 60 kbps [Well, with 92-98% signal strength & with in full speed download limit of Photon Plus] in around Rs. 900/ month for GPRS speed!!

    After continuous harrasment for 6 months, they are refusing to accept any problem, where as, their engineers confirmed the problem after their visit to me & were unable to fix the issue, and not ready to refund me my 5000 rs. I even have recorded a call with their engineers, where they (engineer) accepted and told me that they had intimated their managers about the speed already, and thats all they could do. But managers/customer service kept on closing my complaints falsly and opening new ones when asked for status of previous complaints..!!

    When asked for their "Up to 3.2MBPS" claims, they said, it is UPTO only.. normal speed is 100-200kbps only for download/browsing!! Well, why are you then charging 3G like rates and fooling people with such fake claims??

    So I have now decided to tell other consumers in India about their service & speed on National TV - CNBC Awaaz Pehredar. If it still remain unresolved, I will finally move to consumer court to claim NOT only my payment but also the compensation for all the harrasment!!

    I swear, I will not leave my 5000 Rupees wasted on 100 Rs. worth gprs like speed!!
    Wish me goodluck
    techkpt [at] g m a i l dot com

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    good luck bro.... we need ppl like u

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