This is to register one complaint on this deactivation.
We had handed over the cheque of Rs. 1011.24 (chq no. 178728 on PNB, Park Circus) to your collecting agent (Mr. Sujoy Das Chowdhury of Fern Road, Mob: 9831373378) as per earlier practice, on 26.02.13. Due date was 08.03.13.
However, we found that our broadband connection has been disconnected without any intimation on 11.03.13. On checking repeatedly, we were told that our cheque had bounced. When we enquired with our banker, we found that no such cheque had been presented and there is always sufficient fund in our account. We then frantically contacted Mr. Sujoy and Mr. Saptarshi (of your Salt Lake office) and after a lot of calls, Mr. Saptarshi informed us that the returned cheque along with bank advice is lying with him and we should send some person to collect the same to your Salt lake office on 12.03.13. Immediately we sent our person to your Salt lake office alongwith cash for reactivating the account. Cash was deposited but we were informed by Mr. Saptarshi that the cheque has not yet been received by him although earlier he had insisted that the returned cheque will be handed over to our representative.

Our complaints are-
1. We were never informed earlier that the cheque had bounced. We came to know about this only after repeated enquiry. as per your service rules, there must be an intimation to the customer before disconnecting a connection.
2. We still have not received the returned cheque although both the collecting agent and Mr. Saptarshi have been repeatedly accusing us that our cheque had bounced.
3. We were without any broadband connection for almost 2 days (11..03.13 and 12.03.13) for no fault of our own and this adversely affected or business. THIS WAS A CASE OF HARRASSMENT.

We request you to provide us a quick response on our above complaints after which we will take appropriate action at appropriate forum.