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Tata Indicom Uploading Problem

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    Default Tata Indicom Uploading Problem

    I have a 512mbps Tata Indicom broadband connection. The download speed is perfectly fine and actually quite fast according to the speed is, now the problem is the uploading. Whenever I try to upload a file in an email or a web sharing site, it take forever for the file to get uploaded, so long that most of the time I cancel the upload because it simply is time consuming. Its something to do with the connection because the same file when uploaded using another broadband connection it works fine. What can be the problem? Is anyone else facing this issue?

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    Please do a speed test and post your results. You could do it on

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    This is a problem that I have seen a lot of Tata Indicom users face. Is this problem recent or you always had this upload speed problem?

    You should call Tata Indicom customer care and ask them the best way to resolve this issue.

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