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Kindly Help in configuring Tata Photon Broadband

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    Default Kindly Help in configuring Tata Photon Broadband

    Dear All,

    I recently opted for a Tata photon broadband via an adsl line

    the modem provided to me is zyxel p-600 series (P-660r-T1)

    i wasnt provided with a wifi router so opted for Dlink N300 cloud router (DIR-605L)
    now, the way i understand it, tata uses PPPoE. I am able to access the Net with the RJ 45 cable directly from my zyxel router plugged into the laptop.

    While configuring my dlink router, i used dynamic ip setting. What this enables me to do is access the net when the lan cable is plugged into my laptop from the wifi router, but the router is not transmitting over wifi. the router config page displays 'connected' in the status though.

    modem address:
    wifi router address:

    My ISP was unable to resolve the issue and i have been told that my router is faulty and that i need to get a new router, preferably an iBall one, i however have my reservations about his conclusions.

    Also, while connecting the modem in the bridged mode with a PPPoE connection set up on my laptop, i am unable to log on to the internet, it works only when the PPPoE username and password are entered in the modem itself.

    Attached alongwith are the configuration settings on my modem and my router, any help would be deeply appreciated.


    Again, sorry for being such a noob about it all.
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    Try copying your PC's mac address using the option in the last screenshot. Tata might be restricting the number of machines you can use and may have only one or two mac addresses registered for your account. Sify does that so it is worth a try.

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