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Internet users.,

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    Default Internet users.,

    All of you, plz register and poste your valuable comments/suggestions on the broad band service which you use..

    All users from
    • Reliance/TATA/Airtel/BSNL /any company
    • wireline/wireless
    • dialup/broadband/ from mobile
    • laptop/PC/any portable device

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    HATHWAY ADSL broadband - MUMBAI

    I am using it for the past about 10 months (Kandivali, Mumbai). The connection is by-and-large OK (at least I did not have a very frustrating experience like most other ISPs), but the renewals are a mess. So is the USAGE details.

    The renewal is a manual process, and they really bungle it up. After making a payment, you'll have to be after them to 'enable' the pack.

    If they think you have exhausted your MBs, they disconnect the connection without informing you. After perhaps 1-2 days of waiting, you'll call their helpline, spend 15-20 rupees with the dude at the other end only to be informed that you are disconnected 'cause your MBs are over.

    The usage data is most likely manually put to the database and are a fishy affair. Each time I login, I see different values. I have seen the past values reset to new values also! They tell me to renew since MBs are over, and then after 2 months, suddenly I see values indicating the MBs consumed were far less than the pack-limit.

    The helplines are another mess - with too many phone numbers at different locations with no internal sync. The left hand is really clueless about the activities of the right hand.

    If you book it for 6 months, at least you'll have a peaceful 5 month connectivity (the 6th is unsure as they may tell you your MBs are over - while it's actually not).

    The connection is not up-to-the-mark (my Tata Indicom Ethernet cable in Pune was much faster), but it's not too bad either.

    Their employees are very courteous but - quite mellow, low-key behavior/manners. Against all complaints, they generally respond in a good tone of voice. They generally give less excuses, mostly admitting their foibles and trying to rectify the problem without much hulla. It's never been a bad experience talking to them!

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    I use internet at my laptop and my desktop.

    At Laptop i use BSNL GRPS services which is really very disgusting and i would not recommend this to any one.

    At my deskptop i use Airtel and i am very much satisfied withe there service which is very stable.

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    Default Re:Hi


    I use BSNL landline(dial-up). It is very slow at night time because all of them will use it at that time.

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    where do you want us to register and as if the comments you can see member comments/posts in this forum

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