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TATA Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd.- Very Slow Speed of Broadband - Cheating Public

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    Default TATA Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd.- Very Slow Speed of Broadband - Cheating Public

    TATA Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd., Mumbai - India


    My ISP is TATA Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd., Mumbai (India). I have taken a Broadband Connection of 512 kbps from them. Their Plan is "Business 700 - 512 kbps" with 1:4 compression ratio. Firstly, I should get an real speed of 512 kbps, but they argues that as per compression ratio you will get 128 kbps speed, but then why they are advertising this as 512 kbps plan. Now as per them I should get 128 kbps speed, but in actual I am getting only 90, 80, 85, 60, 40, 9, 8, 6 kbps speed only. I lodged about 22 complaints with them, but none has been attended. I have tested their speed at various level, and have the records of all those tests. They are charging me about 1200/- Per Month, but giving only 60 kbps speed against my plan of 512 kbps. They are just cheating to public. I hereby warn public, not to take their connections.

    Pramod S. Podhar
    City : NAGPUR
    STD : 0712 Broadband ID : 402050

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    Tata guys are wrong when they say that you should be getting 128kbps speed on a 512 kbps plan.
    According to the law the speed at the isp node should be atleast 512 and after that there is some loss of speed in the last mile connectivity which should in my opinion, not be more then a loss of 10-15% which should still keep the speed at more then 400kbps in any case.. although there may be lower speeds due to network congestion and other factors but not to the extent you have stated.

    I suggest you send them a few e-mails complaining about this and if they dont do anything about it go to your local consumer forum and file a complaint and get all your money back and just change your isp.. let them get the taste of their own medicine.

    You are not the only one getting extremely low speeds as I have seen a lot of other threads in this forum complaining about the same thing so I assume there is something severely wrong with their set up and the way their customer service staff works who manages to ignore such complaints.. I am not sure what their higher management is doing about this issue, if atall.

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    use internet download manager for download. that will boost your speed. you may also try some softwares for accelerating speed.

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    Default Does anyone have N.Srinath's (CEO & MD) tel # / email

    Would like to provide him with my feedback of his companies services

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    TTML Brass are not really bothered. I have had interactions with the regional marketing manager requesting that the website put up clear information about the actual expected data transfer rates instead of information about contention ratios and compression ratios.

    Their service staff are also not very clear about the meanings of the two terms.

    VSNL, when it was government owned, had some brilliant service levels, before they got taken over by Tata. Now, things are down right pathetic.

    Wonder if Mr Tata is aware of the way the TTML management is spoiling the TATA name.

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