I have been a user of Tata Indicom's prepaid broadband for quite some time now. For the past one year I have been relocated to another city due to job responsibilities, and hence my account remains unused for the major duration. Everytime I renew it for one month, then let the connection remain inactive for the next two months and renew it before the grace period of two months end. The problem is there is a huge balance added up in my account which I havent been able to use, and it keeps on piling everytime i renew. I visit my home once in almost 3 months, and so want to continue with a connection there, none other than myself uses that connection at home. I mostly renew it in a ad-hoc scenario, when I land in my home n find connection inactive. Wanted suggestion on how can this connection be appropriately utilised in this scenario. This balance has become kind of a victimizer.