I have been a tata broadband user for 1 and a half years now. All the while Tata has been reaching new lows. I started with a 256 unlimited postpaid connection with the ID chetangupta1981@eth.net. We moved elsewhere within Delhi and the ID changed to chandangupta1983@vsnl.net. I upgraded gradually from 256 to 512 to 1 Mbps plans as more or less the service was manageable. I would get Internet for about 3 weeks out of 4 and the speeds were decent till I got the 1 Mbps plan. The 1 Mbps plan has never ever given speeds higher than 700 Kbps except in few 3 or 4 second bursts it can reach 900 Kbps. Considering my overseas customers this is already deplorable who get 20 Mbps connections for the same price with good service.

Since 17th Feb 2008 I get speeds averaging 40 to 80 Kbps and I know what I am writing it is small 'b'. When I finally reached the Nodal officer north by 23rd I was told that there are some big issues that were being resolved and no time frame could be imposed on the problem. This was the same thing that the engineers/line men had been telling me all the while. Even during this phase I used to get speeds around 700 kbps between 7 pm and 9 am in that order. That changed from march 2008 and I called the customer service. They informed me that the calling card issue had been resolved and they took in a new case. Now they expect me to pay Rs 4000 for the month of Feb when I did not get internet connection for half the month !

I have downgraded to 512 and decided not to pay bills. If they disconnect the line so be it I don't get the Internet anyway. Here is the string of letters :

Dear Mr. Gupta,

We understand the inconvenience caused to you and we regret for the same.

We have noted your concern on your behalf regarding the Slow Browsing concern and the same has been forwarded to our technical team on high priority basis. Our team will contact you and do the needful at the earliest.

We require your valuable support & co- operation during this period.

For any further assistance, please feel free to contact Customer Service at Tata Indicom Broadband (the link contains the location wise contact numbers) or mail us on customerservice@tatacommunications.com . We will be delighted to assist you

Warm Regards,

Customer Service,
TATA Communications.


From: VSNL [mailto:chandangupta1983@vsnl.net]
Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 2:43 PM
To: Customer Service (Retail-India); Customercare
Subject: Fw: Apalling Service


This is my last case number 5002628 and I have been following up with this.

My id is chandangupta1983@vsnl.net

The issue is not yet resolved and your people have twice tried to close this case without my knowledge.

Could you please inform me as to what is the status of this case.

How long is it going to take to resolve my issue. It has already been close to 2 weeks now. Can I expect decent conneciton at daytime anytime soon ? Is it any good staying with Tata ?

Please at least give a reply.

Chetan Gupta.

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From: VSNL

To: Nodal Officer - North

Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 1:23 PM

Subject: Re: Apalling Service

I am sorry what kind of service is this.

Was I ever asked if the issue has been resolved ? Who informed you that my connection is fixed ?

My issue is by no means resolved. I am still getting no or very slow connection speeds between 9 am and 6 to 7 pm. This is exactly the kind of response that makes me not believe in commitment of Tata.

I repeat my issue is by no means resolved. Yesterday your engineer Mr Jai Prakash came and saw for himself that the download speed was between 4 to 5 KBps. This is really worse than apalling.

Chetan Gupta

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From: Nodal Officer - North

To: chandangupta1983@vsnl.net

Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 12:59 PM

Subject: RE: Apalling Service

Dear Mr. Gupta,

Thank you for writing mail to Tata Communications.

We have received the feedback from our technical team that your connectivity issue has been resolved.

Should you require any further assistance, please contact us at customerservice@tatacommunications.com

Thanks and regards,

Jasleen Kaur

Nodal Officer Ė North


From: chandangupta1983@vsnl.net [mailto:chandangupta1983@vsnl.net]
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2008 3:58 PM
To: Nodalofficer.north@tatacommunications.com
Subject: Apalling Service


My Account ID is chandangupta1983@vsnl.net

My last case number is 5002628

The situation is so bad that I have to say my last case number. Your company has increased the resolution time to 3 working days and two such periods have already passed. I have complained through phone, mail and then phone again. I emailed you and to the appellate authority when I did not recieve any response from you.

Is the company in any mood to fix my issue this time or not. Is the company just toying with old customer, intentionally giving them hard time so that they would leave. If so please say so. Why do you withhold the service and ask for money. I pay Rs 120 a day for my connection and yet I don't get it. I have not been able to use the internet for the past 6 days now.

Today an engineer from Tata came to my place and when he found the connection is not fixed he called backend. He requested two guys to at least check my profile to resolve the issue. Both the guys flatly refused. Being a customer for more than 1 and a half years now I understand what is happening here. I had an ID chetangupta1981@eth.net prior to this. I have never needed to reach for a nodal officer before. If your employees are not interested in working please bid your customers goodbye with some respect. No point burning bridges with the customers and humiliating them. I have downgraded my plan and if the issue is not resolved at the earliest I do not see the need to keep on wasting my money and time here.

I hope as an old cusotmer I at least merit a response. I would appreciate if you could at least grace me with one. If you could look into my issue it would be all the more better.

Unfortunately a customer,

Chetan Gupta.

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