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Cheat TATA Indicom using recovery agents:Please Help

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    Exclamation Cheat TATA Indicom using recovery agents:Please Help

    Guys , I am shocked that a company like Tata Indicom is hiring Goondas for recovering their equipment [ Modem- router and line protection unit , here in Pune]. Let me tell you details , I am customer of TATA Indicom [VSNL] since April 2007 , I am a prepaid customer and there are Rs. 3000/- in my account. Problem started when I decided to move to new location and submitted the service request to see whether New Indicom connection is feasible or not. They replied me that there is no feasibility , as there were 3000/- in my A/C I demanded the refund but they refused by saying that they do not refund the money in case of prepaid connection and suggessted me to use it and deposit the equipment , I told them that at the time of installation I had purchased the Modem and line protection unit but they said that such equipments are property of Tata Indicom and same is been documented in their customer service agreement. I was unaware of that I doubt that Agreement is changed and my consent was never taken.

    I want to drag them to court as now their people from recovery department are threatening me to either submit the equipment or they will seize my computer.

    Please suggest if any legal action can be taken against these cheaters.

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    Well you can always go to consumer court and fight it out there, it is really effective

    But there is no way in the whole world can they seize your computer
    they are just trying to threaten you so that you give their equipment back. dont give it.

    Just threaten them back that you are being harassed by the recover agent and want to log a complaint in the police station and want the name of the caller and the address so that you can file an FIR with that details also get a phone number.

    Tell them that the address they give you, you will send a consumer court notice at the address.
    believe me consumer court notice (just mentioning it) has a lot of weight age. i have used it else where for my advantage when i was cheated.

    if they are really threating you, you can also file an FIR with your nearest police station that tata indcom are using force to get money/equipment out of you and that you feel unsecured.

    If it is not that serious that is they have not sent any body to your house then you may want to wait to file the FIR, but just threaten them that you will file an FRI and i am sure they will stop

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