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    Question how to use a STATIC IP?

    Hello Every one,

    I need a help from all of u… I am not so strong in technical issues… But I need a help. I have a tata indicom broad band connection which is 128 KBPS post-paid connection. With this connection they I have provided me with a static IP.

    I am using WIN XP with SP 2. I have installed IIS 5.1. My tata Modem is ADSL 2 + modem and the model is TAD 100.

    Now can u help me to configuring my static IP with this connection, so that if any one type the static IP address in their browser, they will able to see the web page which I have created. How can I do that using IIS?

    For your information I / tech person did not mention the IP address in the TCP/IP properties, it is in automatic.

    Kindly help to configure my system as a web server.

    Thanks in advance

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    You should configure the modem and put the static address in the WAN part of your modem/router.
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    The above article is not relevant to the thread question.

    User 'idforstoreis' has a BB connection from TI and ISP has provided a static IP for use. This static IP must be assigned as the external IP address to the modem.

    Normally ISPs provide BB connection with a dynamic IP. This means that whenever you connect to internet, the modem gets a unique but dynamic IP address from the BRAS of the ISP. This is the external IP address that is visible to the outside world.

    The ADSL modem has a built-in router that has an internal IP address, which is usually The router also has a DHCP service that allocates unique IP addresses to all the machines connected to it. These are all private/internal IP addresses and are not visible to the outside world.

    If the ISP is providing a static IP address, it means that every time you connect to internet, your modem/router will get the same external IP address everytime. To use this address, this must be assigned to the modem/router in the WAN configuration.

    Assigning the static IP address to PC connected to the router is not going to help as this will still be an internal IP address.

    For explanation on internal and external IP address, please read the attached guide in this article.
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    yes I agree with it.

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    If you are sure that your modem is configured with Public IP then you need to follow below steps

    1) Configure Static Private IP to your computer.
    If your computer receives dynamic IP, note it down and manually assing the same IP in TCP/IP settings (Network Properties) of your computer

    2) Change your website port (say 8080 instead of 80)
    Because modem by default listens to port 80 for publishing Web contents of modem.

    3) Port Forwarding
    Access your modem through
    Under NAT option, Configure a rule to 'Allow traffic for TCP Port 8080 destinated to your Public IP and translate to your Private IP'.

    for eg:
    IP Address: (your computer IP)
    Port: TCP 8080

    Let me know if you have queries

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    Can anyone help me out to configure my router. I am using Tata Indicom's Broadband Connection with "TELENET TNDSL 2120" Router comes with a Static IP. Can anyone help me out to assign this static ip to my web server(Win2003 Server or Win XP SP2). I want to create web server which will be accessible from outside n/w.


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    Default Usb

    Is that Tata indicom USB net connector, If yes then you dont need any Ip as i think or you can use a ip address of, Subnet mask,
    Defaultgateway, DNS

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    I also got the Tata Indicom Infinity 256. I am getting IPs assigned by the DHCP (some 10.x.x.x).

    How to get a static IP ? Do I call them up and what are the settings I need to do in my Ethernet card properties.

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    to idforstoreis
    hey about getting web page from your ip is not possible. it is possible in a lan not in net.
    you need to register a damain name from a srvice provider.

    you chk my site for details

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