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Not able to access internet using Linksys WRT54G router

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    Default Not able to access internet using Linksys WRT54G router

    I am using a laptop to connect to my linksys router WRT54G on a Tata Indicom broadband connection. Information here is

    1) I use the indicom connection using PPPoE connection wherein i directly plug the lan cable to my laptop and access it

    2) I am using a BULLION router on the tata indicom connection.


    I was able to configure successfully setting using the linksys CD , on my laptop. The option i used for set up was PPPoE on the linksys router.

    When i see the available wi-fi connections it shows me the connection and i am able to connect to the same also but , I AM NOT ABLE to browse the internet.It gives me the standard old message , page cannot be displayed.

    Also the sent bytes on the connections are way too high than the received bytes which indicates that the connection has not been made.

    Please help!

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    Since you TI modem is already configured in PPPoE mode, you cannot have another router in PPPoE mode. Do the following:

    a) Configure TI modem in PPPoE mode (already done).
    b) Connect TI modem and WRT54G using Ethernet LAN RJ45 cable as follows:
    .... LAN port of TI modem --> Internet (WAN) port of WRT54G
    c) Configure your Linksys router in Automatic DHCP mode

    Refer to the sticky guides in BSNL section.
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    In adding points to just4kix

    For your scenario, your modem is in PPPOE mode, so it does the dialup process for you. So dont configure any PPPOE configuration either in your laptop or router. Just do cabling work properly.

    Alternatively if you want to dial from your laptop, configure your modem in bridge mode and not PPPOE mode with setting respective to your Service Provider. Install the dailup software and dial from your computer.

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