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About frequent Tata Indicom Broadband disconnections..

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    Question About frequent Tata Indicom Broadband disconnections..

    Hey everyone. I'm new in here. Just came across this forum. Thought maybe i could share some broadband issues here.
    I have been using Tata Indicom broadband connection since a long time and its gone from bad to worse.They have provided me with an XAVi router. My problem is whenever i try and open multiple applications like streaming videos etc or multiple websites the connection stops responding. I see the WAN light on my router flashing constantly and in the meanwhile i get the message "connecting through WAN miniport (PPPOE) . Its only after some time that i get to connect again which really is a headache. I tried contacting customer support but whenever someone from there visits my premises ironically everything works fine. What may be the possible problem? Can anyone here suggest a solution? I would really be grateful.

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    Default Frequent Disconnection

    Hi Guys,

    I would like to share my Frustrated experience with Tata indicom broadband services. I stay in bangalore. Few days back i got the broadband Wimax connection at my home since i was working for my company (remotely). I work in nightshift timings. I opted for 512kbps. For postpaid connection we are supposed to pay Rs. 8316 in advance for 4 months. I did that and completed documentations. After two days they contacted me and i got the connection.At first day of my connection after few hours i realised to check my complete account details and then found that i am getting only 256 kbps (status). I called them 5 to 10 times in order to sort the problem but no one responded back. At the same time there was a another problem - frequent disconnection of internet at every two minutes. Again raised the issue, no one responded. Then finally i decided and requested them to terminate the connection ASAP. When i spoke to customer care those assholes refused to refund the remaining amount since the termination is from my side. When i took connection initially they never told me about this, infact they said i can terminate the connection any time i want and they will return my money. I don't understand their ******* process and policies regarding the payment plans. The usage bill amount was rs. 2000 out of Rs. 8316. There was 6 thousands refundable amount.

    Guys please be carefull before getting the connection from Tataindicom and make sure u people get the confirmation on the amount that you pay to them for which plan. Also make it clear if in case there is any problem they will be responsible for refuding the amount within a week.

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    Default hi

    i have wired broad band with tataindicom and its working fine for five months. no big problems at all for past 5 months. now the technician is calling me and forcing to change the plan to wimax. he says in another 4 to 5 months all wired connection will be either converted to wimax or sacked.
    i am unsure of weather to go into wimax. i read the post the above post... were you able to find out why you were getting frequently disconneted? how far is the tower from your house..
    i thought with the static ip, connection would be stable.
    i am in bangalore too. in Thayagaraja nagar... where do you live. your help on why you are getting disconnected frequently will be appreciated

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