Dear Sir/Mam,
I want to first of all give the Award of best third class service to this Tata Indicom Broadband that has really satisfied me completly for never using any service of tata weather that is net, mobile or other because I took connection of this in march but hardly my net was browsing for 20 to 25 days in four months and in june this has created record for browsing the net only for two days really this is such best service that's charge was only Rs.3100 but I had to bear in phone call as well as cyber cafe Rs.6 to 7 thousand. But I am satisfied now that my four months period is going to over and I am going to get rid from this best third class service. because here is no compensation's of the days when net was not browsing wheather the mistake was from company side or not like fiber cut, wire cut, server problem and others. But it's really good in billing matter that always send on time. so now being a perfect consumer I can take gurantee of the services of tata broadband. and employees are really smart they thin just any space of suffring is left so they called me for wireless net really I will always remember this period and share it with those 20 or 50 people who meet me in my daily life because I am also in public relationship field. So that they will not bear any such type of best service.

Thanks, For such Best Services (Should be awarded)

With Regards
Pramod Dubey