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unlocking data card

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    Default unlocking data card

    i have a idea plug 2 surf which i havent used in a long time and i wanna know if its is it possible unlock idea plug to surf to use bsnl 3g sim???

    model: huawei g162eg

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    Plug to surf
    The model number you had given.
    Give correct details.
    Google search : No result:
    No improvements it never improve as it runs on 1X CDMA network and tata photon runs on 2X CDMA network so speed is good on 2X networks but on 1X networks speeds is always below 135kbps in plug to surf there is nothing with location wise it depends on signal strength and concurrent users at a given time that's it.
    Source : post.
    Enter in SEARCH box above :
    plug to surf
    Data card connectivity speed: The Huawei EC321 CDMA card is rated for about 156Kbps. Initially at the place where i used to live, i used to get about 140 Kbps speed without fiddling too much with the antenna and direction. At my current residence too, i manage about the same speeds, which is more than enough for my email and IRC applications :
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    google "dc unlocker"

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