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TATA Photon plus is a big cheater

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    Unhappy TATA Photon plus is a big cheater

    I have bought Tata Photon Plus with prepaid plan 6 months back. With the welcome plan they gave me 5GB of data free. I used to recharge every month to carryover my existing data to next month. Like wise I did it last month, the transaction went successfully and I got the data for which I paid and my money got deducted from my bank account. After three days the recharge amount got refunded to my account and the total data balance include the existing data got wiped out. For this reason I have raised two customer requests so far. One by me and the other with Customer support guy (Customer Support was not even willing to raise any request for me as the recharge amount got refunded and he is not worried about the total data that I lost, when I shouted on him then he raised the request). As they say.. within a week both the Customer Support Cases were closed writing that I am completely satisfied and the issue got resolved. But, nothing happened with the cases. These guys are just to show up. Till now I keeping on emailing them regarding my wiped data. The only reply I get is "Please bear with us". I also emailed to the regional head on the issues that I faced. No reply yet.

    If the Pre-paid service is like this then how much cheating would they do for post paid services. Guys Please be carefull.

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    I am Monica .. I am writing this review after experiencing the most HORRID ,HORRIBLE and HORRENDOUS SERVICE FROM TATA PHOTON + and even worsttttttttttttttt CUSTOMER CARE . I think they should call it CUSTOMER SCARE . I regret buying this stupid internet connection and will never ever in my life will go for the brand TATA !

    They not only have Slowest internet speed ever but also they cheat you . I sent my driver to make a payment and be done with this stupid tata photon + but he said i need to give it in writing after the bill is generated . I did the same. Made a payment and got the connection Disconnected by giving a letter in writing . But to my surprise i started receiving calls after months saying i havenít cleared the amount. by then i trashed the receipt too. all i am wondering is that they disconnected my connection only after i paid right .... I explained it to many customer service executive but they couldnít help me . Just coz its not updated in their records and alll possible bullshit reasons.

    Finally for the Rs.1400 amount i started getting calls from some stupiddddddddddddddd advocates of theirs who claims to be from Delhi and donít know how to talk .....they started calling me and talking to me sooooo rudely. to an extend that they were DEMANDING to start my conversation on phone by saying ... GOOD MORNING SIR!!!!! what the fuzzzzzz. I myself am an advocate . I have never seen people who donít know how to talk to customers .to my surprise this Mr.Chaddeh didnt even know why was he calling me for ...He didnt know what my case was... he then asks me to call customer care and find out.... Oh My Goshhhhh ! I couldnt believe my ears... kept calling customer care oops i mean CUSTOMER SCARE who after putting me on hold for ages would say Sorry Mam we dont have it in our records .

    Now after months again some Mr.Rajesh calls me and says .. MONICAJI bol rahi hai ? I am like whos online... then he is laughing funnily and craking a joke .. Nai pehle aap batau kya aap monica bol rahi hai ... I can feel he is dancing or moving or God knows doing what but surely like a female he is talking funnily . Come on TATA company you need to hire some professionals people .. I am done with this . I have donated my amount again in ur TATA PAY UR VALUABLE MONEY TO US TRUST !! Trusting that i am not going to receive any more further calls ... I Totally HATE HATE HATE HATE Tata Photon service and mostttttttttttttttttttttttttt their Customer care executives .... they really need to learn how to talk to customers who has always paid them money for not getting services that i deserved for the amount i PAID every month ....

    I finally got sooo pissed i gave my phone to my husband on that he says ... Aap kaun ? When my hubby said who is he .. this Mr. Rajesh is again playing a fool on phone saying arrey behere ho kya Monica kahan hai ....??

    IF YOU WANNA GO FOR DIRTIEST Service plz go for Tata Photon.... I might be repaying my bill only for the reason tht this company has taught me not to invest my MONEY into any of their products .... and keep my receipts properly for years whether i am using any connection or not.

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