Tata Photon
Customer Care Department,

Tata Photon No. 9241009938.

This is Paul Dinakaran. my phone no is 9886833998. I had taken photon
connection two months back and initially i had been given 10GB
free usage of data. That data got over in few days and later to use
internet i recharged for 700rs on June 28th 2012. the validity of that plan
was for one month and it was unlimited plan of 2GB with 256KBPS to 3.1MBPS.
later the speed should be 155KBPS.
suddenly on July 1 the internet connection got problem i called up the
customer care to ask for that they told it will be solved in 4working hours
but i didnt receive any call from them and i again called them to ask what
happened they telling at that time the complain is taken and the resolution
time is 2 working days and it will be solved by that. now tell me if you
people fix the resolution time the customer has to wait what.
i was calling the customer care and asked again what was the problem they
were not telling me the problem instead telling sir you need to wait we
have resolution time for 2 days after that you can ask if its not solved.
two went and there was no sign of JE to my place. after so much request
they sent a JE to my place, he came and checked and went that there is no
network problem its not a problem from customer end. Now the problem was in
3rd day.i kept calling the customer care and no one giving proper response
all giving fake promise that our team lead will call back we will arrange a
call back to you sir. but there will be no call back at all.
once the JE had visited i came to know the problem and i had only given the
solution to them then also they couldnt solve it.
actually the validity of that 10GB was going to end on that date and they
didnt update my new recharge what i had done so i was not able to connect
to the internet. on the 4th Day a team lead called Hemant .R was on line
and he told the problem is solved and i had asked for composition for the
loss of 4 days. so he told i will give that composition and he will be
extending my validity for 4days in a day time. the interaction no is
1416341482 time was 1.00pm on 4th july. but whatever promise he made that
was also fake bec i had asked for a mail to be dropped to me that the
validity was extended. that was not done and i waited till 5th of july
afternoon i didnt receive any mail nor call from anyone. i tried to call to
them at 2pm and asked to log a complain against hemant for giving fake
promise. at that time MR Parsha told he will log a complain and he will
extended my validity for 8days for the fake promise. i thought its fine the
photon people give good service and they keep the customer happy. when i
crossed check my validity was extend to 6th august so i was happy with the
photon service.

But i didnt knew that photon is know for cheating people. till 28th of july
there was no problem in my connection. there was speed problem but it would
connect. again on 29th of july the problem started again and as i was not
there in station i didnt use the device till 3rd of august. when i came on
3rd august and checked the problem was like that only and i called up
customer care and they telling again the same thing we will log a complain
and we will solve in 2 days. no whats the use of giving me the extension of
validity when you people cant give me the connection. to solve problem you
people take 2 days and in month if you give customer like this problem for
3 times then you will save lot of data and will make money out of it.

the complain was raised against it and the team leads to whom i spoke are,
jaya, soujanya, keerthika, sai baba, vikas, pradeep kumar, Bashya, and few
more. i had made to wait for hours to speak to the team lead and many times
i was given a fake promise that the team lead is busy and i will arrange a
call back. but till now i didnt receive a call back. after hours of waiting
to speak to the team lead, the team lead is not aware of the problem. they
ask the same thing again to me. i was feed up to such a extent that i lost
my temper and started to scold few of the team lead. but even they still
giving fake promise. on 4th evening sai baba had called and told the
problem is solved now and i will also extended the validity till 14th
august. i told fine. the internet was proper on 5th and again on 6th same
problem the connection problem the error no is 734: the PP protocol has
been terminated. i got angry and called to the customer care. but again
they were so careless that they giving excuses and saying sorry only. tell
me when you people purposely create problem to the customer 3 times in a
month what should the customer do. i kept on calling and after hours i came
ot know that the team lead is not on the floor he is roaming not there to
pick the call. i was promised by sai baba that he will arrange me a JE to
visit my place by 10am to 12PM. so i had given him my entire
day schedule at that time i will be in office and i had given my office
address also. but next day there was no call nor a JE didnt visit to my
place. i called up again at 2PM to know were the JE is no executive is
aware of it, no one even the team lead. i was waiting for them and this is
the fake promise you people give to the customer. i got irritated such a
way that i started scolding all. the call went to the manager i dont know
he was really the manager or not but he pretended to me that he is the
manager so i told him everything and he told i will take care of the issue
and will solve it on high priority. he had asked time of 2 hours i told
30mins later he bargained and we concluded for 45mins. the call ended at
4PM and he was supposed to call me by 4.45PM
but i didnt receive any call from him nor any one. i knew again it was fake
promise. i had kept few demands also to him that i was speed to be max in
those 7days or give me one month validity or take ur device back and give
me 100rs.

later at 6PM a local tata photon executive who doesnt know how to speak
calls and demands were are you now. i told i am in jaya nagar 7th block. so
he told he will arrange a JE.
i waited and at 6.20PM i got a call from a JE that he is busy in some other
appointment and he will finish it and will come. so i told you dont come i
will speak to the customer care.
later in one min again he called and told i am leaving and he is in
jayadeva means jayanagar 9th block.
i told right now i am in jayanagar 7th block. before that i had told Bashya
that i will be roaming and i want the JE to follow me. I had given every
instruction very clearly.
the JE called me at 6.55 and told he is near by to my place and asked how
to come. i told my office time is finished and i am in my room now come
there. and to your information it was on the way. so i didnt make him to
roam anywere he had to come by that route only. but the JE didnt come only.
i was Waiting but there was no call or nothing to me. i again called
customer care and i luckily got sai baba only i asked him were is the JE
and what happened at that time i came to know that the JE went back to his
home only without informing me also. the JE phone no is 9243737705. later
sai baba started to put fault on me and saying that i gave a wrong address.
now tell me for a person whom i had given my complete schedule of that day
again why they got confused . after 7 i will not be in office, so the
argument went and later he agreed to send a JE to my place at 8Am. next day
JE came on time and he told that there is no problem from your side its a
technical problem and it had to be solved by them only. the date was 9th of
august. i called up again and again the Team lead asking to give time. now
how much time you people require to solve one simple issue. actually again
it was the same problem that validity date extended but my data port was
blocked. the Complain went to IT department. and there they told now the
issue is resolved but actually it was not solved only they again faked me
at 2pm.
later at 4 i was able to connect and i had called to speak to bashya bec i
had kept few demands. but everyone giving me the excuses that he is busy he
will call me back but till date he has not called me back.
later on 10th i called again and pradeep kumar team lead spoke to me. and
he arguged with me for few mins and later i had kept 5 demans and i told
anyone i need from it.
the five demands are
1) i need a replacement of device bec you people cause problem for me again
and again
2) i need 7 days validity with full speed
3) i had asked for one month validity or till august end.
4) i wanted 2GB data with max speed for two days and the days should be
5) if no condition from above is not going to fulfill then give me 1000rs
and take ur device back.

the interaction no for this is 1443959486
Name pradeep kumar and time is 5.15pm date 10-8-12.

he had promised me that he will be calling me by 8pm and will inform me.
but i didnt receive any call. next day morning i called again and it was
vikas who had picked my call and before that he was not in office as it was
that was the thing told to me by the customer executive. when i told him to
log a complain against pradeep he instead logging a complain he called up
pradeep and told i am complaining against him so pradeep tried to call me
from his personal no but i was in this call and i didnt pick. his personal
no is 9246180098. later vikas put pradeep in conference and he asked sorry
for the trouble and he told he was helpless as he didnt receive any updates
from bashya about it. and he requested to wait till monday afternoon so
that he can update me. so i told him if i need to belive you i want a call
from you people at 10am. a guy called rajanikant called me at 10 and i told
him i want a call from bashya. he told he will mail him. but till monday i
didnt receive any call.
monday evening i called customer care to know what happened. no team not
interested to speak to me
a girl called ramya had promised that she will arange me a call back in one
hour. the interaction no is 1445919781. but again i didnt receive any call.
night again i called to the customer care i spoke with sushant one of
the executive he was eating my head by not connecting to the team lead and
he was not taking properly also. first of all i had lost temper and was
upset with this and that executive not reacting so i used few bad language.
for that the executive he told i will look to you. will not leave you all
that he said i told whatever you like to do gohead. at night 10.30pm i got
a call from unknown no and it was him started to scold. this is what you
train. if a girl had called then your executive will take her no and will
give his all his friends and ive her the mental harassment. i was shocked
to see a call from him. before that vikas had spoken on the call and he was
online for 1 hours and told by tomorrow 10 to 11 bashya will call me,. but
he again didnt call me.

now my validity is over and you people will not respond. so in one month of
plan half month you will create problem and we need to keep waiting and
wasting our time money and health also.

more over your team lead come online speak for few mons and go silent for
45mins and disconnect the call. this is how you treat the customer.

i want my demands to be fulfilled. or the same will be published in news
papers and also will be filed a case against you all. and i want bashya to
call me.

i know you people will not take any action. if i publish in paper at
least the people who are planning to buy your photon will not buy and it
will be helpful for them.

Thanks and Regards
Paul Dinakaran