Alright, So i am Richie First i would like to say how are you everyone. (I am fine too thanks for asking and if you dint asked i dont care)

Well, I just bought a new laptop online. With laptop they gave me tata photon postpaid connection, which cost me around 750 INR. with 1 month free subscription and 6 G.B. max speed.
Everything was working smoothly till 2 Sept. 2012, than Suddenly my Tata photon networks keeps jumping
Sometimes they are
Tata Photon Whiz then Next Minute Tata Docomo

Which is keep disconnecting my Internet

Alright Second thing is that, When i connect my internet with tata docomo connection, its keep on stucking at AUTHENTICATION

But when i select tata photon Whiz, i can connect but My pings are very bad.

Maximum around 400 and minimum is 349

Why is that so?